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Blood; there was blood everywhere. It covered the walls, the furniture, and floor, all surrounding the body of my mother. I stare at her, my whole body shaking as I drop the knife that was in my hand into the blood around me. But this blood wasn’t my mother’s; it was mine. I warily bring my hand up to my chest and press down on it, trying to keep from more blood spilling out.

“Sasuke…” I mumble and slowly stand up, feeling the world around me start spinning. I quickly grab the wall and slowly guide myself to the stairs, hoping I can make it to my brother before my father does.

“Niisan!” my eyes open quickly and I quickly sit up, my eyes darting around. I slowly relax when I realize I’m in the car, parked outside of a house. My uncle and cousin are already out of the car, helping the movers unload the truck.

“How long was I asleep?” I mumble, rubbing my eye as I look at my brother. Sasuke is sitting next to me, his soft onyx eyes staring at me. My eyes travel to the scars adorning my brother’s cheek, four lines starting from between his ear and eye to his jawline. My brother shifts a little and his bangs soon cover his scars again.

“About two hours. We only got here a few minutes ago. The movers were already working, so Uncle and Tobi went to help them,” Sasuke explains and I nod.

“Hn. Then I guess we should help,” I mumble and move to get out of the car, my brother following behind me closely. We stand for a little bit, taking in the surroundings. All seems peaceful, with just the quiet murmurs of the movers and the chirping of the birds being the only sound. In front of us is a lone farm house, sitting peacefully next to an empty field. About a mile or so behind the field and house is a forest that seems like it goes on forever.

“Watashi wa kono basho ga sukide wa arimasen,” Sasuke mumbles, glancing up at me with concerned eyes.

I don’t like this place either. I think, staring at the house. This is a perfect scenario for a horror movie.

“Sasuke, you know Uncle doesn’t like when we speak Japanese,” I scold gently, watching as
Sasuke’s shoulders slump. I give a weak smile and ruffle my brother’s hair, “I know it sucks, but Uncle doesn’t like that we can talk without him understanding.”

“Uncle is just a grumpy old man,” Sasuke quickly counters and I can’t help but smile. I stifle my laugh and look back at the house.

“Ya, but we’re stuck with him till I’m eighteen. So, until then, we got to follow his rules,” and with that I move towards the truck, Sasuke close at my heels.

I give a soft sigh as I place the last box of mine down on the floor. I look around my new room, kind of impressed on how large it is for not being the master bedroom. I can hear Sasuke shuffling behind me and I turn to see him starting to open boxes in his own room across from mine.

I should probably set up my bed first. I’m sure Sasuke will want to sleep with me. I think, looking around for a box labelled ‘bed’. This was a little harder than I expected, since the movers threw all of my stuff in the middle of the room. I hope Uncle didn’t give them a good tip.

The sound of a branch cracking quickly catches my attention and I twirl around, staring out the window. I can’t see anything, since it was pitch black outside. Slowly, I walk over to the window, squinting to look for anything that may have made that noise. The only source of light was from the dinky patio light of the house and the crescent moon in the sky, making it difficult to see. I sigh, taking a step back and pulling on the cord to close my blinds.

I think the tree is near my window. Maybe the noise came from the tree because of the wind. I consider, shrugging and going back to finding the box with my bedding stuff. In the middle of my search, I let out a loud groan, remembering we started school tomorrow.
Love Bites Chapter 1
Hey ya'll! This is a story I've been working on for awhile and finally was happy enough with it to post. I hope you all like it. There's many more chapters to come, I promise.

Comments and critiques are welcome. Love support to push me to write faster and critiques to help develop my writing into something better. Thanks!


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